“Personal, perceptive, provocative, pleasurable to peruse, and those are just the P’s! Michael Lucker’s Crash! Boom! Bang! is an authentic contribution to the expanding body of screenwriting literature. Designed in particular for writers of action/adventure fare, there are keen insights here and tons of worthy advice also for writers of dramatic narratives in any genre.”
—Prof. Richard Walter, UCLA Screenwriting Chairman

“You don’t have to be a writer of action films to benefit from Michael Lucker’s rock-solid screenwriting advice, but if you are an action writer… it is essential.”
—John Baldecchi, Producer: Point Break, The Mexican, Conan the Barbarian

“The knowledge Michael Lucker shares in this book is not that of an outsider looking in, but rather an insider reaching out to all those who are interested in learning and giving them insightful and practical information.”
—Andy Fickman, Director, Writer, Producer: The Game Plan, Parental Guidance, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

“With Crash! Boom! Bang! Michael Lucker brings together his vast life experience, insuppressible passion for teaching, and mastery of the screenwriting craft. This powerhouse of a book is an absolute pleasure to read. Here, Michael entertains, he teaches, and he beckons both novice and expert alike to excel at the craft and business of screenwriting.” 
—Michael Norton, Nine-time Emmy Award–winning Producer for The Amazing Race

“Crash, Boom, Bang! is an indispensable how-to book peppered with the author’s personal experience going from wide-eyed wannabe to successful scribe. Screenwriters of all stripes should read this.”
—Carter Blanchard, Screenwriter: DreamWorks, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, New Line Cinema, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, and Paramount Pictures

“No one explains story structure better than Michael Lucker. In Crash! Boom! Bang!, Lucker draws on his own screenwriting experiences as well as classic action films to illustrate how to write a winning script. Lucker combines witty, fun-to-read examples with step-by-step instructions that lay out the basics for beginners while giving old hands some exciting new strategies.”
—Dr. Donna Little, Professor and Director, MFA in Creative Writing, Reinhardt University

“With his unique experience and keen understanding of his craft, Michael Lucker reveals step-by-step how action-packed tales are intelligently and skillfully woven. His passion is real, his integrity genuine, and his guidance witty and warm, as if from the pen of a caring mentor. If you are serious about writing an action movie… Crash! Boom! Bang! is a must.” 
—Maj. Thomas A. Ross, U.S. Army Special Forces, Retired; Author of Privileges of War

“When it comes to action films, Michael Lucker has literally written the book on them! Whether you’ve had a hit movie, made a big spec sale, or have yet to type “Fade In:” this book will teach you something you didn’t know, or teach you a better way of doing something you thought you knew.”
—Jim Wedaa, Producer: The Boy, Unstoppable, Big Trouble, Mission to Mars, Black Dog

“An exceptional and hilarious instruction manual on the craft of screenwriting, told by one of the Hollywood elite.”
—Nathan Goodman, Author: The Special Agent Jana Baker Spy-Thriller Series