Q: Will you read my screenplay? 
A: Absolutely! For more information, see our Script Analysis page. 
Q: Do you offer classes outside Atlanta?
A: Yes! We are coming to Tampa, Nashville, and Raleigh soon! Want us to come to your city? Let us know! If you’d like to be updated about new classes, please join our mailing list
Q: What does the class cost? 
A: Screenwriting 101 is $299.  
Q: How long is the class? Are there breaks?
A: Screenwriting 101 goes from 10am - 6pm each day. We will break an hour for lunch and 10 minutes twice per day.   
Q: Can I bring food to class?
A: Yes. 
Q: What should I do for parking? 
A: Please see parking instructions on the "Contact" page.  
Q: Can I get college credit for this course?
A: That’s up to your university. Feel free to give them the course description and keep your fingers crossed. 
Q: Can I bring a tape recorder or video camera to the class? 
A: Sorry, we don’t allow taping of the classes. 
Q: For the Screenwriting 101 class, should I bring the script I’m working on?  
A: Nope. Our class breakouts are fast, so you won’t have time to make changes.


If you have any questions that are not answered in our FAQ page, please email us at info@screenwriterschool.com.  We'll be happy to assist you.